Mann River Walk

Mann River Upper Mann River 2015-07-14 09.48.58 2015-07-14 08.58.11

For the last week of cool dry season burning the Jawoyn rangers meet up with Warddekan Rangers to walk down our shared boundary of Mann River. This was to enable some fine scale burning, targeting rock art, small patches of jungle and rank patches of grass to create green pick for the wildlife. It was a fantastic walk, largely shaded by the riverine forest with plenty of bream to catch along the way. There was some very interesting rock all along the walk and some spectacular scenery, including gorges, waterfalls and deep pools. At the end of the walk we where met by Mimal rangers who made their own track through country.
Simultaneously aerial prescribed burning took place tying together all the previous burns of the season to create impenetrable fire breaks. Within these firebreaks are vast strands of unburnt grass. These unburnt patches will harbour many of the unique and special plants and animals that still survive in good numbers on the Arnhem plateau. The fire breaks must be of size and clean to ensure that no late fires can jump or tip toe through. If we have a good season then we also get rewarded by generating greenhouse gas abatement credits.

Jatbula trail

water lily straw culture camp 17 mile falls cropped-225700121.jpg

Ryan Barrowei and Gloria Dalywaters lead a team of young Jawoyn youth on the 5day 64 km Jatbula trail. This trail named after Ryan’s Grandfather begins at Nitmiluk and ends at Leliyn traversing the magnificent Jawoyn country side.
Although this part of special school holiday trip, ranger work was always on the mind. Ryan shared techniques to manage rock art sites and got the young crew to work at the amphitheatre clearing vines and some graffiti.
This was the first time that Jawoyn rangers have hosted a school trip of this kind and judging by the talk that is has generated around the community it won’t be the last.
Ryan thinks that this kind of activity is important to do in the formative years of young Jawoyn. He is proud of his land and of Jawoyn ranger’s efforts to nurture a strong connection to country.
Gloria was amazed at the beautiful sites that they visited and camped at. She was happy that she had this opportunity to walk with her daughter. It is something that they will cherish for the rest of their life.
For any inquiries of future Jawoyn Ranger programs please contact Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation.

Canoe Trip

MLF_2015_Jarwoyn-75 MLF_2015_Jarwoyn-165 start of canoe tripMLF_2015_Jarwoyn-305

As part of burning operations the Jawoyn Rangers and members travelled to the upper Katherine River to systematically open road, burn, visit sites and canoe back down the river. This was an excellent opportunity to get people out, expose them to our work conditions and give them a taste of ranger activities. They were then rewarded with an opportunity to canoe and fish on a beautiful stretch of their river.
A mob of around 30 people, young and old, came out including specialists in bird ID and photo journalism. Due to that late rain event in that area, there was much mud to get bogged in, a lot of water to canoe down and heaps of bream to eat. Thanks to Nitmiluk Tours who assisted with canoe and life jackets and all who participated, for those who missed out please ask Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation about other future activities.