Fighting Fires By Night and Monitoring Sites by Day

fire line fire blowingArt gallery Yimigronggrong Ochre pit Tandangle Hill

The Jawoyn Rangers have been working hard lately fighting wildfires as they are bad for country and threaten our carbon abatement projects. There are a few techniques that can be used to combat the fires. At this time of year, hot season, fires are large as there is a big fuel load from old grass and leaf fall. This combined with strong dry winds make for very hard firefighting conditions.

The rangers have been taking the fires at night when the winds drop and it is a bit cooler. Often fire fronts can be very zig zagy and difficult to attack. We tend to make our own line by using a drip torch then with a couple of leaf blowers we can make our own wind and blow our line into the coming fire.

Fighting fires at night means that during the daylight we scope out the country and make good roads. It also means we can check up on sites such as rock art and other culturally important areas to see if there are impacts or ways that we can best protect them.

School Culture Camp

.pandanus collecting pandanus shot

didj shot IMG_5955

For school holidays Jawoyn rangers hosted 20 youths from Rockhole, Binjari, Beswick and Manyallaluk. They all camped out at Barnatjarl with Gloria and Lauren preparing a program for the kids to get some cultural knowledge from elders as well as enjoying themselves by the magnificent King River.

Part of the program activities included gardening at the Barnatjarl strongbela women bush tucker and medicine garden. The boys were taken to a man’s significant site. Presentations were given by rangers about the garden resources and history of the place. At night there was storytelling from elders and during the day there was pandanus collecting and weaving, didgeridoo cutting and of course, fishing by the river. A buffalo calf was shot and everybody was well fed and rested