Jurrangluk (Snake dreaming) protective works

Jawoyn rangers have been looking after sites of significance on Jawoyn county as requested by members and elders. The rangers were directed to restore an exclusion fence protecting the sacred site of Jurrangluk. If this site is disturbed, by say, people, motorcars and feral animals a plague of taipans may result. The fence will have to be monitored to ensure security. Trees were removed and grass cleared close to fence to ensure fire doesn’t impact on protective works. Thanks to the mob at Jodetluk for the work.

Marrawal Firefight

IMG_6233 IMG_6188

IMG_6055 IMG_6054

The Jawoyn Rangers spent the bulk of the last fortnight fighting fires on the Upper Fergusson River within Nitmiluk National Park. Park Rangers joined in as the fire was moving fast and had the potential to burn out the Marrawal Plateau. It was a great effort from the rangers and a lot was learnt and developed out on the fire line. The ultimate result was achieved of protecting the ecologically unique community of Marrawal Plateau.

The ecological community contains a naturally large proportion of obligate seeder taxa along with some resprouter plant species. Such as Jacksonia divisa an erect, densely branching shrub to 3 m tall. The species is a spreading, obligate seeding shrub and considered to be vulnerable to high frequency fire regimes. It is apparently restricted to only two sites with in this area. Additional small areas of similar habitat appear to occur scattered around the edge of the Marrawal Plateau and it is possible that additional subpopulations may occur. This species qualifies as Vulnerable in the NT (under criterion D1+2), based on: number of mature individuals restricted to a very small area with fewer than five locations. There is a plausible threat from inappropriate fire regimes that could drive the taxon to Critically Endangered or Extinct in a very short time period.