Junk festival buys carbon credits off Jawoyn to become carbon neutral


Katherine Regional Arts (KRA) will offset the emissions produced by their festival through the purchase of credits from Jawoyn Association.These credits are created by undertaking fire management that provides many more benefits than just emissions reduction . The opportunity provides employment for Aboriginal people in remote Arnhem Land with over 40 rangers employed to practice fire management.KRA is happy to pay above maket prices to a local carbon credit producer that has so many additional benefits to their project.

Barry Morgan the festival host went out with the rangers to conduct a control burn. He had a permit to burn from Bushfires NT and the rangers helped him with the tools. Later that night ranger Steven Andrews handed out the awards of the junk sculpture.


White throated grass wren hunt

Jawoyn rangers teamed up with Kakadu rangers to hunt for the rare and elusive white throated grass wrens. Their habitat is in the stone country which includes Bulajung areas and senior Jawoyn are required to insure cultural protocol. These birds require old spinifex to next in therefore their range is restricted and locally mobile.

We walked over the rugged terrain playing their call through speaker to attract them, but alas they weren’t to be heard or seen due to extensive burning in the area over recent years. We did however stumble over some unique rock art and sighted other stone country endemic bird species including sand stone strike-thrush, variated wren and banded fruit dove.

On returning to Gunlom camp ground a message was passed that a tourist had seen a pair in the first waterhole!