Healthy Country Planning

Healthy country planning consultations were recently held for Jawoyn 5 year management plan. 3 major meetings were held in Pine Creek, on country in Nitmiluk Gorge and Baranga Rec Hall. Over 100+ Jawoyn members attended the meeting which was facilitated by an international expert in Conservation Action Planning. Much excellent ideas were collected and many small group discussion were had. There is a big job to go to make the 5 year plan. At the consultations a steering committee was elected from each meeting, It includes; Bessie Coleman, Balang Hunter, Peter Jatbula, Rivena Fredricks, Justin Walla, Betty Friday, Noelene Andrews, Trevor Atkinson, Ozzie Daylight, Joanne Barry, Ruth Kelly.

Fish surveys with Museum and Art Gallery NT continued

Our work with the Museum and Art Gallery NT continued after the big rain event in September. The fish were a little scattered with more room to wriggle away in. But Alas fish were found and it seems that there is great diversity and possible new species. The research team went right up to the central plateau or top rock of Katherine River. There they found a crack in the stone country with a pool to survey in. In the mid-section of Katherine River a billabong adjacent and one in the river was surveyed. Techniques utilised included net trapping, net dipping, drag netting and electro fishing.

more ranger exchanges

Jawoyn rangers joined the annual Wagiman Guwardagun Ranger mens camp. Its is an opportunity for men to discuss certain issues with experienced rural GP, nurse and health workers. Time is spent on the mighty Guwardagun Daly River were fresh bush tucker is readily available.

Some other rangers hosted Wardiman Rangers out at the Yinberrie hills. This is prime gouldian finch habitat and a scientist from NT government gave some hints in finding these rare and elusive birds. They tend to favour nesting in hollows of living salman gums and a ranger can be seen peering down a hollow in the pictures.