Stone Country Firefight

A recent dry electrical storm rolled over the stone country in the upper reaches of the Katherine River on Jawoyn Arnhem Land adjacent to Kakadu. 3 fires where ignited and on very short notice Jawoyn rangers mounted a helicopter to assess the situation. It was pretty serious with a lot of room for a wildfire to travel including important cultural sites and habitat in its path. A Jawoyn ranger ground crew was musted up and a support team from our Warddekan Rangers to the north joined in as the fires were on our boundaries.

An 8 day campaign followed with over 20 rangers from two team teams dealing with 3 wildfires in very tricky country. Helicopters where the only to reach the fires from the base camp at Sleisbeck with Kakadu on the Katherine River. The rangers worked continuously in the daylight hours and finally got around the wildfires and contained all three. This was a triumphant effort as this was the most challenging campaign that our rangers had tackled. Now thanks to the rains we can unwind for the season.

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