Jawoyn Ranger Canoe Challenge 2017

This year’s trip was the final leg of a four mission to canoe the full safe navigable length of the Jawoyn Katherine River. The first was at ‘top rock’ where the Katherine River begins on the Arnhem Plateau through to Jalawoopoor. The next section was then down to Jeyunay (Sleizbeck), then through Nagartluk billabongs largely inside Kakadu to Birdie Creek.

The last section left this year from Birdie Creek, including travelling 30 kms in one day as there was good flow from this year’s wet. A buffalo charged and keep coming at the canoes, thankfully we had a rifle and therefore protection and sustenance. Along the way there were side trips to hunting spots and other known locations. Rock Art was investigated and protected and burning operations were undertaking at times. The water was plenty and the fish fat.

The last 2 days on the water we from Yeuralba then continue through the mighty 13 Nitmiluk Gorges. We had to port/drag the 12th and 11th gorge over escarpment country. Then back on water through many rapids on our way down Nitmiluk. At the end we were met by a Nitmiluk Tour boat to guide us over where a rouge croc had been spotted. On completion Bruce Lake said it was amazing and the best way to experience Nitmiluk was certainly by canoe.

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