Snowdrop Rock Art Maintenance


As the ranger team had put out a fire just east of Snowdrop it was decided we would check a very prominent art area. A couple of our elders where keen to revisit their country so this provided us with a unique opportunity to maintain, re connect and assess what was saved from supressing the wildfire.

It was a story of the good, bad and ugly as some sites had been adversely effected from feral animals, some by fire, some had large fuel loads which would have been scored by the wildfire. Some sites were still in immaculate condition and breathtaking. Maintenance work included scraping away wasp nest, raking leaf litter and pruning vegetation.

Camping with elders at reasonable size gorge resulting the fishing of 36 turtles and it was concluded that the old artists of the area were as happy with our work as we were with theirs.

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