Civil construction continues September

15 Jawoyn rangers have been participating in a civil construction course. All training is doubles as a practical and we are completing a buffalo exclusive around the Barnatjarl homestead, main spring and important cultural sites. At the same time we are digging a bigger dump and completing minor road repairs.

Everyone is having heaps of fun and our Barnatjarl base is becoming more complete and homely for us. The rangers are doing well on the machinery with last training block having the addition of a dozer and larger excavator. We are aiming to have a roading team once we have completed this course.


Gouldian Finch Surveys

Jawoyn rangers have been trailing finch survey methods with Territory NRM. Time lapse camers were placed at known finch holes, places they always drink at. We then completed 3 hour counts from daybreak over a week with results compared. It is proposed by having time lapse camera fewer people can cover a larger area.

Rangers and green army participants have been out trapping finches with researches from CDU. The research will require the collection of specimens and tissue/blood samples, for both morphometric and genetic analysis. We are wanting to participate in this research for the interest of unique and important birds on our country, to develop more research skills and contacts and to understand better ecological interactions that will inform our management plans to make better use of funding and capacity.