Kenya Maasai Ranger Exchange

The Thin Green Line organised an exchange between Australian indigenous ranger and Maasai rangers in Kenya. The 10 Australian rangers from Jawoyn, Kimberley and Western desert travelled with director and affiliates of the thin Green line including ambassador musician Dan Sultan.

The Maasai rangers work on community controlled land known as Conservancies where traditional land management practises such as pastrolism and occupancy overlap with conservation practises. Small scale tourism can operate within the Conservancies and poaching, hunting and development is restricted. The rangers are heavily armed and regularly come into combat with organised crime wanting to exploit ivory, skins and trophies.

We were able to experience much of the awesome large wildlife on safari, including going on patrol with Maasai rangers tracking wildlife, data collection and checking camera traps. Whilst on patrol, as it is community land, we helped herders rescue their cattle from bogs and wells as they were experiencing a drought.

The Maasai rangers were great hosts, we made a lot of friends, learnt some words, ate different tucker, got some more dance moves, swapped gifts and exchanged world views.

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Conways firefight


Late in October a fir flared up north of Bullock head yard just past Beswick on the Bagala Land Trust.

The rangers were quick to react and at the ignition point found a beheaded buffalo that had been trophied over the weekend. With the aid of a chopper and Junior a Bagala ranger we got to fire with a vehicle. The chopper crew blew one flank of the fire with leaf blowers and the other flank was controlled by dragging two buffalos creating a firebreak to work off.

It was very hot and dry there was a large resident mob of buffalos that had spoilt all the springs making the water dirty. We had to fly 5kms to top up fresh water to keep us going.

This fire was fought largely within Conway’s Station on our boundary and we able to halt the fire crossing to our country and therefore saved lots of carbon credits. We also controlled it before burnt out a large old Callitris Pine stand with many seedlings beginning to emerge.