Wet season plant collection

The Barnatjarl stronbala womens group has started its plant collection work. Once these plants are proceesed the will be planted into the bush food and medicene garden. Key plants that they have targeted have been colour plants and yams. Ranger Gloria has enjoyed working with her auntie and nana, around 10 women have been out and about with the rangers.

Gamba control


Rangers have been working hard at keeping gamba off our conutry. We are working hard within Barnjarn wanting to keep Gamba off our side of the highway. With big infestations through Edith Farms and CDU rural college this will be an ongoing process. Rangers will keep patrol up to hunt out signle plants that have hitched a ride or blown in from afar. Sometimes hunting gamba can take you to some great spots! As we can only weed when its not raining it can be very hot work, so it good cool down during the heat of the day.

If you notice a gamba plant (check photo) please contact jawoyn office on 89723015.