Wet Season Burning


The break in the monsoon provided a great opportunity to get some wet season burning done. An aerial burn was conducted within Nitmiluk Park boundary and adjacent to Mt Todd in the Yinberrie Hills. During 2017 we were able to save some big patches of spear grass. Spear grass can form continuous strands of highly flammable fuel as it is an annual grass. By burning in wet season you reduce the grass just when it is flowering giving other perennial grasses a chance to grow.

A fire walk took place in the stone country on the Northern side of Nitmiluk gorge. On these walks you can target high fuel loads that would burn hot in dry season but have enough fuel to burn now, albeit small patches of low intensity fires. This mixes up fuel age, breaks a continuous spread of species and creates more resilience in the landscape.

There was alot of water up there and we came across a few waterfalls. Big thanks to Nitmiluk tours who gave us a boat ride to assit with the Nitmiluk Joint Management fire walk.

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