Nitmiluk “Jawoyn Valley” Rock Art Survey


During September Jawoyn Rangers spent a week in the Jawoyn Valley within Nitmiluk surveying Rock Art. The Jawoyn Valley is a designated walking and camping area and there hadn’t been a maintenance survey for some time. The new generation of rangers had never been there and it was a great opportunity for them to see their country.

The Jawoyn Valley is a remarkable area of Nitmiluk with spectacular views over stone country with wet season waterfalls, plunge pools and adjacent pockets of rainforest. Judging from the amount of rock art old people clearly enjoyed living there. There were some sites with large amount of art and some serious looking images which we prioritized as being sites to continually maintain. Apart from fading from time and elements there wasn’t great impacts from threats. The young and old rangers that participated in the survey had a great time.

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